The 10 Best 24-Hour Chain Restaurants in America

ten best 24/7 chain restaurants in america


Most of us are pretty thankful to find a restaurant open when we’re starving and it’s 3am in the morning. But nowadays, only a few remaining chain restaurants stay open 24/7. Many of these, such as McDonalds, iHop, Jack in the Box, Waffle House and Denny’s, are well known brands that offer lucrative franchise opportunities on BizBuySell. The Daily Meal developed a list of top 10 restaurant chains based on several factors:

  • Highest points where given to restaurants open 24/7 across the board.
  • Next include full-service restaurants offering the same level of service in the middle of the night as they do during the day.
  • Further down the list came chains where one should expect the same level of service in the middle of the night as they would during the daytime.
  • Those remaining include chains that are sometimes open 24 hours, but not always.

View the slideshow of the Daily Meal’s 10 best 24-hour chain restaurants.

“Being hungry is never easy. Sometimes in life you just need a dependable place where you know you can sit down and enjoy a decent meal at any hour of the day or night. For this reason, we’re very thankful that 24-hour chain restaurants exist, and these are the 10 best.”

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