BoeFly Webinar: Buying & Selling Businesses Recording

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Buying & Selling Businesses
Best Practices with a Focus on Financing

There are countless issues facing sellers and buyers of a small business.  Sellers grapple with: When is the right time to sell?  What is the best way to offer their business for sale?  Is a broker necessary, or are there alternatives?  Buyers meanwhile seek to answer: What is the best way to find a business to purchase?  What diligence should be conducted on the target business?  What role does financing play into the transaction?

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BoeFly, the online marketplace connecting business borrowers and lenders, is assembling a panel of experts to get answers to these important questions.  This webinar is designed for small business owners, lenders, loan brokers, suppliers, franchisors, and business advisers/counselors.

Topics To Be Covered:

  • A review of the current environment for business acquisition transactions 
  • Best practices in listing your business for sale 
  • Key steps a buyer should follow to find the ‘right’ business 
  • The role financing in a business acquisition transactions 
  • Key issues facing lenders, such as good will, seller financing, global cash flow 

Click here to listen to the webinar

Expert Panel:

  • Michael Arrowsmith, National Franchise Sales, Managing Directoro
  • Tony Kim, Ridgestone Bank, Vice President
  • Curtis Kroeker, BizBuySell, VP and General Manager 
  • Neal Patel, Reliant Business Valuation, Principal  


2 Comments on BoeFly Webinar: Buying & Selling Businesses Recording

  1. Am I too late for this buying and selling seminar? We are a company from UK, named Beds Bed UK and we’re interested in selling our furniture for kids and children’s beds.

    As we cannot attend on the event, do you some ebook or giveaways which we can read or study further?

  2. Thanks for your comment. You can access the recording of the webinar at:

    Please let us know if you have any questions.

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