When Business Owners Can’t Sell, Jobs Are Lost

MarketWatch Radio Interview with BizBuySell’s General Manager

Last week MarketWatch, a subset of the Wall Street Journal reporting on investment news and trends, interviewed BizBuySell’s GM about their quarterly insight reports. The full recording is available to access here.

One of the points of interest was how the sale of small businesses affects the whole of the US economy, particularly in reference to job creation. According to research conducted in January 2012, 1.3 new jobs are created each time a business changes hands. As a result of lower small business transactions in 2011, the US economy saw roughly 300,000 fewer jobs created.

With lack of available financing stated as the key reason that business sales aren’t closing, a number of government backed efforts are in effect to remedy the absence of funding and create a positive ripple effect through the economy at large.

For more detail and broker reported data on the state of the industry, listen to the brief clip via MarketWatch- Money Markets And More here: ow.ly/9TctB

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