Client Services Q&A: How to Optimize Your Listing

Learn a few of the most common questions about online business-for-sale listings, and how you can make yours stand out.

Kristal, from BizBuySell Client Services

Posting a business for sale online can be a process that raises a lot of questions. As a member of the BizBuySell Client Services, there are a few common questions I receive every day; Sellers may second guess the words used to describe their business, ask how they can boost exposure for their listing, or call to find out how their listing is performing.  In an effort to help sellers get the most value and attract the right buyer, I have created a list of these top three checks to perform once your listing has been submitted to BizBuySell.

Q: What words should I use to describe my business?

A: Descriptive keywords

When submitting your business for sale, be sure to use a variety of keywords that relate to your business and industry.  By using keywords in your headline and in your listing description, you will increase your exposure and your chances of a buyer clicking on your ad.


Keywords are used in searches and parameters on BizBuySell, so if a buyer is searching for a specific type of business, keywords will help them to differentiate between the listings and sift through any that are irrelevant. Make sure your business doesn’t fall into the latter category by being generous with those keywords!

For example using a headline such as “Restaurant for Sale” can easily get lost in the crowd. Put on your marketing hat and include words that paint a better picture of your business. If you add a few more keywords, such as “Modern Italian Restaurant in Central Location for Sale”, you will catch more views from buyers who perform a keyword search and are searching for a businesses that match your description.


Q: How can I appear more in the search results?

A: Select two categories

When adding a listing there is an option to select up to two business categories. You may not see two that are the best fit for your specific business, but selecting both the primary category and the next closest business type will increase your exposure! From the options provided on the site some of the categories are obvious but there can be a time when a business is specialized and we do not have a direct category for you to use. When and if this occurs, use a category that describes the service that your business offers.  For example, at this time we do not have a “Car Wash” category but we do have “Auto Parts Repair and Services”. The “services” of that particular category can be used to categorize a car wash business. After all, a car wash is an auto related service!


Q: How come I’m not getting as many inquiries as before?

A: Check your ad’s performance

We want to help you sell your listing, so we provide all the metrics and insight to improve your listing  included in your listing account Once your listing is submitted, make the most of your time on BizBuySell by making performance review a top priority. This will allow you to adjust your listing as needed to achieve optimal results and views.


By logging into your BizBuySell account and checking your listing’s performance, you can gain insight into how your ad is doing.  BizBuySell records how many times your listing appears weekly in the search results, how many clicks it gets, and will also help track the number of inquiries you receive.

If at any time you notice that your click through rate (number of times a searcher has viewed your listing in the search results and clicked)  is low that is a clear indication that it’s time to make some changes to your listing. If this occurs, consider revising the text of your listing, add a more elaborate description, or complete fields that you may have left empty.

Hint: Opting not to show your financials (Gross Income and Cash Flow) is one of the key reasons as to why potential buyers do not submit inquiries.

Once you have applied these updates to your listing, you may notice an increase in the activity of your listing.  If you would like further assistance, we’re happy to answer any of your questions at  888-777-9893 or

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