Costco Connection Lists Top Resources for Selling a Business

When preparing to close a business-for-sale deal, Costco Connection suggests BizBuySell and BizQuest as top resources for sellers

“When Tom Schramski was selling his small healthcare firm, he joshed that he required ‘intensive psychotherapy’ to cope with the aftershocks. Such was the roller coaster of emotions he confronted during and after what is often a life changing event. “

At BizBuySell, we acknowledge the scale of the decision to sell a small business and aim to provide as many resources that prepare each seller for a positive return for their many years of investment. The above testimony and eight suggested steps to coming out on top of a business-for-sale transaction are outlined in Costco’s August issue of the Costco Connection. The article, “Closing the Deal- Eight essential steps for selling your business” combines industry advice and eight clear guidelines that lead to a successful transaction.

BizBuySell, listed as a top resource in the article, contributes by providing practical advice on marketing and pre-qualifying buyers. “The majority of potential buyers aren’t qualified”, says BizBuySell Group GM, Handelsman. Read here for his suggestions on culling unfavorable candidates and preparing for when it comes time to sell.

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  1. With regards to your quote “The majority of potential buyers aren’t qualified”, the statement is accurate for only 1/2 of the pie. If you look at investors, they are overly qualified the the lack of sophistication on behalf of the seller can be the issue. When you look at existing business owners or newbies entering the small business world through potential acquisition, I fully agree that most are under-qualified both to run the business as well as to properly go about the acquisition process.

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