How One Couple Sold Their Bakery Business In Less Than 30 Days

how couple sold their bakery business

how couple sold their bakery business

Daniel credits the quick sale and successful price to a descriptive listing with attractive photos, providing a comprehensive package of information to buyers up front and being available to show the business right away.

Daniel and Jenny Ramirez had a successful Chino, California, bakery business that had been steadily growing since it opened shortly after the ‘great recession’. In just a few short years, their net revenue was near half a million dollars. With a now stronger economy, combined with a flourishing business, the Ramirez’s saw this as an ideal time to exit. They share their experience of  how they sold their bakery in less than 30 days, beginning with creating their own listing on BizBuySell and then finding the right buyer.


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6 Comments on How One Couple Sold Their Bakery Business In Less Than 30 Days

  1. Why would they sell a business making half a million in profit for 119,000?

  2. Yes why ?

  3. Why did they sell so low?!

    • The BizBuySell Team // January 17, 2017 at 3:11 pm // Reply

      Thanks for your responses. The seller did not say why they agreed on the $115,000 sale price, but it was likely due to a factor of expenses/margins of the business and their time frame to sell. We love the questions, so please keep them coming if you have any.

  4. The “profit” was not 500,000. it was net revenue. When the term net revenue is used, the confusion deepens as others believe it means net operating income or net profit. However, net revenue refers to gross sales minus the cost of sales, including cost of goods sold. Conversely, operating income identifies the result of revenue minus operating expenses.

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