5 Must-Do’s for Creating a Winning BrokerWorks Profile

brokerworks-profile-picBizBuySell receives over 1.4 million visits each month from active business buyers and sellers – an ideal opportunity for brokers to market themselves and gain new clients. Not only does your BrokerWorks profile allows you to promote yourself to prospective clients, it distinguishes you from other brokers. What someone does or doesn’t see in your profile can make all the difference in their decision to select you to represent them versus your competition.

Here are 5 must-do’s for a winning BrokerWorks profile that’s both powerful and informative:

  1. Put On Your Best Face. Images are important, and what you need to include is a simple, professional profile photo of yourself. Try to avoid unnecessary objects in the background.
  2. Your personal tagline should be catchy. Include good keywords and phrases that may also help you appear in web search results. A headline such as, “Top Selling Business Broker Specializing in Restaurants and Franchises” creates a great first impression and includes information about how you can help potential clients.
  3. Distinguish yourself from others. Your introduction and background should not be limited to a few bland sentences of work history. This is your chance to be creative, distinguish yourself from others and provide value to potential clients. Phrases such as, “I am the founder of XYZ Business Brokerage, the leading business brokerage firm in Dallas. For over 20 years, I’ve assisted both buyers and sellers successfully close deals, from search and due diligence, to valuation, financing and ultimately closing the deal …” reveal specific details about your skills and abilities.
  4. Make it personal. Always write in the first person; this is your personal profile, not a company description.
  5. Gain credibility by association. By mentioning your affiliation with professional groups such as the IBBA, M&A Source and other relevant associations, you suggest you are focused and a committed player in your industry. You also stand out from the competition.

If the tasking of updating your BrokerWorks profile seems too daunting, try setting aside 15 minutes a day to focus on improving just one section. At this rate, you’ll have a winning profile in no time.

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