Before You Buy a Franchise, Educate, Prepare, and Gain the Skills Necessary for Success


Before you make that BIG investment in Franchise Ownership, our intensive Franchise Ownership Program will help prepare you for researching, buying and owning a franchise. With the online Franchise Ownership Program, offered exclusively at Metro State University of Denver’s Center of Innovation, you can prepare yourself with the tools needed to evaluate a franchise, understand legal documents, and prepare for operational excellence.

The Center for Innovation at Metropolitan State University of Denver announced a first-of-its-kind franchise ownership program. The six-week online course taught by Center for Innovation faculty is supported by a seed gift of $100,000 from global financial services company BNY Mellon. This unique course helps prospective franchisees learn small business management principles, as well as information specific to the franchise industry.

Enrolling in the Center’s intensive six-week online Franchise Ownership Program could be the best decision you’ll ever make. Take 10 seconds and click below to learn more. Your future starts NOW!



• Gain the skills you need to be a successful franchisee, BEFORE you buy one
• Learn the critical “ins and outs” of franchising from experienced franchise experts and CEOs
• Interact and connect with industry pros online, who can provide professional guidance
• Learn business principles and best practices franchisees need to know
• Understand what to look for in a franchisor
• All classes are held online

“Too many franchisees think that the parent company is their business plan,” added Jackowski. “While it’s a model to follow, every franchisee needs their own plan to account for the unique aspects of their own markets. This is one example of how we can help people become more successful franchisees.”

Don’t miss out on your future, enroll in the next session of the Franchise Ownership Program NOW, and be prepared with the right tools and confidence to succeed.


About Center for Innovation
The Center for Innovation at Metropolitan State University of Denver offers a minor degree in entrepreneurship. The center supports all types of industry disciplines with 54 different majors represented in the program. Coursework is taught by MSU Denver adjunct faculty, providing real-world experience from relationships with businesses and organizations. The center offers also CREATEmsudenver, a virtual business incubator and e-commerce site for the creative industries. For more information visit

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With more than 24,000 students, MSU Denver is Colorado’s leader in educating undergraduate Coloradans. The College enrolls the highest number of students of color among four-year colleges in the state

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