Introducing Showcase Choice

We’ve revolutionized the way you can use Showcase Listings!

Showcase Choice is our new service that enables you to get Showcase level exposure for more listings at a dramatically reduced cost. Additionally, you can instantly swap listings in and out of Showcase placement as you desire and for as long as you want – a day, week, month or longer!

We’ve given our members the flexibility and power to choose which listings will be Showcased on any given day.

Showcase Choice provides:

More Flexibility
Easily rotate your listings to the top of the search results to get in front of more buyers.

More Buyer Leads
Get up to 5x more leads than a Standard Ad when you Showcase a listing.

Less Cost
We’ve drastically reduced the cost to better serve brokers – as low as $7.99 per Showcase placement/month!

Showcase Choice

To help celebrate the launch, members who sign up by November 15th will get the Showcase Choice 3 Listings Plan FREE for two months. The 3 listings plan enables you the flexibility to mix and match your listings across 3 Showcase placements. Any existing BrokerWorks members can click here and select the “3 Listings Plan” to get started now.

If you or a someone you know has a hard to sell listing, desire to Showcase new listings each day or simply want more leads faster, then Showcase Choice is the perfect solution!

We’re excited about it, and hope you are as well.

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