Technology and Restaurants: How 4 Leading Brands Use Cutting Edge Tools to Fuel Growth

Restaurants Use Digital Innovations


Did you know that over 50 percent of Domino’s Pizza’s orders are done online? Every restaurant today should have a website (that’s mobile friendly) with an online menu, as well as some sort social media presence (Facebook, Yelp, Open Table, etc.). Digital innovations are changing the way restaurants do business. From smart phone apps to loyalty programs and tabletop tablets, major brands across the U.S. are leveraging technology to fuel growth.

Domino’s was one of the early trail blazers in online ordering, and is now a leader. With its Pizza Builder and Domino’s Tracker, customers can customize their order and follow the progress of it online until it’s delivered to their door. They’ve since built a smart phone ordering app and continue to roll out new web-based ordering platforms.

Chili’s Grill & Bar was the first major restaurants to introduce tabletop tablets, offering customers more flexibility and reduce time and dependence on wait staff. The tablets also include short surveys so customers can provide feedback. Chili’s is now rolling out its new customer loyalty program, which offers customers the ability to earn and redeem points while providing a fully digital experience.

Starbucks knows how to create a bond with customers and currently boasts over 10 million loyalty members globally. With its loyalty program incorporated into its own smart phone payment app, customers accrue ‘stars’ for purchases. Mobile payment is now fueling the growth of its rewards program.

Taco Bell recently introduced the Live Mas mobile order and payment app. Mobile technology is now one of the biggest influences in QSR (Quick Serve Restaurants) since the drive-thru. Next, Taco Bell plans to add its Live Mas functionality to tablet computers and desktop devices.

These big brands show how. more and more, customers are choosing to connect with restaurants digitally. As digital devices become more and more of our everyday lives, they are significantly changing the way restaurants do business.

“In significantly less than a decade, digital innovations have dramatically altered how U.S. restaurants do business.”

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