Showcase Choice Just Got Better

In October, BizBuySell launched Showcase Choice – a new product designed specifically for brokers to maximize their listing visibility on BizBuySell and drive more buyer leads.

Now we have made Showcase Choice even better with a new FREE feature – Auto Rotate. Set up Auto Rotate once and from that point forward all of your listings will automatically rotate through your Showcase slots saving you time and maximizing exposure across all of your listings.

Showcase Choice

If you are a current Showcase Choice subscriber, simply login and select the “Auto Rotate” link from your “Manage Listings” page to access the following prompt:

Next, select the “Rotate my listings automatically on a monthly basis” option and click “Save Changes”. That’s it!

Click hereto auto rotate your Showcase Choice listings today.

If you have yet to sign up for Showcase Choice, call (888) 777-9893 to sign up now. Showcase Choice allows you to rotate all of your listings through Showcase Placement whenever and for as long as you want.

Nearly 6 months after Showcase Choice was unveiled, the response was overwhelming and success stories from the increased exposure were frequently reported. The lower cost and more flexible service was an  but we didn’t want to stop there. Take advantage of this great new feature for more time savings and better listing results.

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