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Your IRA: An Oasis For Small Business Investing

March 31, 2014 // 0 Comments

Imagine an investment opportunity arises but you don’t have enough liquid funds to act on it. Instead of letting it go by, your IRA can be an oasis of funds that enables you to invest. In fact, nearly every investment with which you can make money outside your IRA, you [...]

Getting to Know Our Local Small Businesses

July 17, 2013 // 0 Comments

Yesterday afternoon, the BizBuySell team ventured out of the office and into San Francisco’s Mission District to learn about a few popular small restaurants and businesses. The Mission is a neighborhood that’s well-known for it’s flourishing restaurant [...]

How Retiring Baby Boomers are Driving Small Business Sales

May 22, 2013 // 0 Comments

Walt Popcock, a small business owner, dreamed of selling his business and traveling around the US in a motorhome. After successfully selling for the full asking price this April, he’ll be able to do just that. Popcock and numerous other baby boomers are fueling the [...]

Q&A: Lessons Learned From a Successful Sale

March 20, 2013 // 0 Comments

We caught up with Brett, a San Francisco business owner who recently sold his college counseling business with help from BizBuySell. It took Brett approximately five months in total to sell his business, from starting the listing process on BizBuySell until signing the [...]

How to Find the Best Location For Your Business

March 12, 2013 // 1 Comment

Contributed by Great Clips Choosing a great location for your new business depends on what kind of business you’re going to operate, but there are some general guidelines to consider, especially in retail. If you’re looking to open a franchise, you have the added bonus [...]
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