Selling Your Business: How To Tell Your Employees

Original post on Inc. by Curtis Kroeker

 tell employees and ease the transitionThe sale of a business is a major milestone for an entrepreneur. In fact, your exit-strategy probably has been top of mind for months, even years, and you’ve had ample time to process how the sale will impact your personal and professional life.

But your employees? Not so much. In fact, they’ll be shocked to learn that they will soon be answering to a new boss.

As a compassionate business owner, you want to help ease the transition for your workers. But telling them that you’re planning to sell before a transaction is complete could jeopardize the timing and price of your deal.

So what do you do?

Although there may be unique circumstances that require you to inform all employees about your sale intentions early in the process, it’s almost always better to wait until the deal has closed to bring your employees up to speed.

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