Valpak® Expands Position in Canada, Adding Strength in Circulation, Territories

Valpak LogoThe leader in local print and digital coupons has just announced notable Canadian expansion. Valpak of Toronto East, will begin mailing to an additional 360,000 homes in April. This is all part of Valpak’s Canada growth strategy to increase circulation by 2.7 million households in 2013.

“This is the first step in embarking in our collective effort to expand our position in Canada as a leader in print and digital marketing solutions,” said Michael Vivio, president of Cox Target Media, provider of Valpak. “Having a strong presence in Toronto is a key component to expanding our circulation throughout the rest of Canada.”

They’re adding to their 8 existing franchises in Canada and plan to continue forward with expansion through 2015.

For the full press release, click here.

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